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January 22, 2011
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TC - Kazai by Eeriah TC - Kazai by Eeriah


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:bulletwhite:Name: Kazai

:bulletwhite:Age: 23

:bulletwhite:Birthday: 20/2

:bulletwhite:Gender: Male

:bulletwhite:Height: 184 cm

:bulletwhite:World-Union: Vidofnir

:bulletwhite:Original World: Thear

Thear was a beautiful world, full of life and happiness. Modern and highly advanced in technology, Thear was well known by it's natural environment despite the amount of technology. Its people had grown surrounded by nature, and they refused to give it away when technology started to spread. It was a peaceful world, where humans were able to find knew ways of protecting their lives: Soul Guardians. This method wasted a lot of Astral, and thus, only a few little number of people had Soul Guardians. Soul Guardians are lost spirits who agree to switch their souls with each other, giving humans a second chance in life.
This means that, if the human got stabbed or hit, the one feeling the consequences would be the Guardian and not the wielder. And vice-versa. It brought some disadvantages. None of them would be able to feel their own body. All awkward situations happened everyday, and wielders gave up on love, as well as any kind of relationship with the world. In order to give themselves another chance to live, they gave up on their personal lives.

:bulletwhite:Personality: Flirty and outgoing, never stops and never sleeps when it's a matter of 'girls'. Hits on every pretty girl he can find, from little to big, from young to old, as long as it's a girl.
Enjoys working out and practicing with his katana. Is a heavy sleeper and eats a lot. Can't stand highs, closed spaces nor his own blood (he'll pretty much faint if he cuts himself or happens to hurt himself).
Lives in Edda since his world was destroyed and has a small apartment in the center of the city. Likes to watch Edda's firework, since it remembers him of something from his home world. Despite his past, he wants to have fun. He likes to hide his past from other people. Only if you're real close to him you'll be able to know it.

:bulletwhite:History: Kazai was born in a wealthy family. His mother was the oldest daughter of a couple of twins, and as so, she was the one to continue her father's legacy. Though Kousuke, the father of the twins, Kazai's grandfather, was not happy with having a weak girl carrying his inheritance. As so, he exiled Kazai's mother, and her twin brother assumed her position. Kazai's mother then found Kazai's father and thus Kazai was born. Kazai was then true successor of Kousuke's legacy. At the time, Kazai's cousin, with 4 years of age, was forced to take his father's tittle and rule the reign. Having the people of Thear known about the birth of the true successor, they began to riot against Kousuke's grandson, Kazai's cousin. After 4 years of rebellion, Yuu, at the age of 8, decided to search for Kazai and finish the work his grandfather had started. He got his own Soul Guardian and found Kazai. Yuu killed Kazai's parents in front of his eyes, though Kazai was able to escape. Kazai then found his own Soul Guardian and began to live on his own. At the age of 6 he found a girl whom he created a strong bond with. They got separated and only met again 11 years later. They began to then share a relationship and at the age of 22, Kazai proposed to her. On that same day, the Great Impact took place. Kazai was able to run away with her sacrifice. He then promised himself he'd get enough Astral to bring his world back to life and then, resurrect his beloved fiancée.

:bulletwhite:Status Points:

:bulletblue:Atk: 25
:bulletblue:Def: 5
:bulletblue:Agi: 15
:bulletblue:Int: 5
:bulletblue:Aim: 10
:bulletblue:Kno: 10

:bulletwhite:Fun facts:
:bulletblue: Never take what he says seriously, specially if your character is a girl = v = ;;;
:bulletblue:If he freaks out, he's being honest
:bulletblue:Faints at the sight of his own blood
:bulletblue:He's the one who usually flirts with the girls, but can easily be embarrassed if praised
:bulletblue:Has a mirror complex: doesn't leave his house without taking a bath, wearing cleaned clothes, combing his hair and without cleaning the house. So, if you have the pleasure of visiting his house, you'll be impressed at the tidiness
:bulletblue:Has a strange type of Soul Guardian which is unable to be summoned
:bulletblue:Weakness: girls who actually like him. He's used to being rejected and getting hit by girls for being so flirty. If you happen to hug him, he'll push you away, not because he doesn't like it, but because he doesn't actually want a real relationship. Flirting with girls is his way of having fun and forgetting about his past.
:bulletblue:Trouble-maker. You can often find him in a middle of a fight with random guys. 99% of those people are the girls's he flirts with boyfriends.


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kittenmagic Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Also: Hey there, fellow Vidofnir member :D
Eeriah Mar 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thank you~ ^^
Hello~ :aww:
kittenmagic Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
xDD How do you do?
sabbs95 Mar 7, 2011
your anatomy skills are insanely awesome
and he is so sexy sdhkjsdhkas <3333
Eeriah Mar 8, 2011  Student Digital Artist
FFFFFFFFFFF Thank you >//////< <33
Awa303 Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my... poor guy! QAQ
Eeriah Feb 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
XD hehehe... the quotes make me laugh XD
Eeriah Jan 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
xD <33
Jei: Hah, look at that pose. Your smile is annoying as always = __ =
*slaps Jei*

e u e )// I miss this guy~> v < *huggles Kazai*
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